The work of William G. Sutherland, DO, is generally credited as the beginning of Cranial Therapy. He held the premise that the body tells the truth, and that the force for healing is inherent in the wisdom of the body.

     A Biodynamic Cranial practitioner does not impose a treatment on a client, rather she listens to the client’s body and responds to the “conversation of the moment.” This particular way of listening is done with hands, heart and whole body presence. Sutherland believed that if a practitioner listened to the system it would teach her; and in this way Biodynamic Cranial work has been developed.

     I began my study and training of Biodynamic Cranial Therapy in 2005 with Todd Jackson of Portland, Oregon, as a way of deepening my “listening” skills as a body/mind therapist. The impact of my entering into this world of cranial therapy has been profoundly enriching for me and for my clients.

     Over the years I have integrated biodynamic cranial therapy into my Synergy practice. I find each client as well as each client’s session to be unique:  the amount of dialogue and/or dialogue involving touch, that occurs during our time together varies as we address what is foreground in the moment. During most every session there will be some period of time when we will be together in “stillness”, experiencing the healing art of biodynamic cranial therapy.

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Presence, compassion, deep listening ...

Being a compassionate, non-judgmental, non-diagnostic Presence, being with the primary healing potential which exists within all of us, is to practice the healing art of

Biodynamic Cranial Therapy.