BodyMind Therapy


     Few professional training programs provide the time for you to

slow down and develop your self-awareness and self-attunement.

     Deepening your felt sense of self allows you to be more deeply

present to another.

     Your very Presence impacts the therapeutic relationship.


     Touch practitioners who decide to commit to a BodyMind

Therapy mentorship will learn ways to deepen their work by

awakening and integrating bodymind awareness in their clients.

BodyMind Therapy practitioners do this with their presence,

their touch and their words.

     Mentees will have the opportunity to experience, as well as

practice hands-on sessions. I work with each practitioner

individually, tailoring our sessions together to fit their unique

and varied skills and skill levels.

     Mentorships usually have a committment of six months,

including two three-hour sessions per month.

Professional experience in the field of BodyMind:

     BodyMind Trainings:

     Rubenfeld Synergy Method®, 1998-2002

         Synergist Training progam, Ilana Rubenfeld & Faculty

     Portland Gestalt Training Institute, 2003-2010

     Ortho-Bionomy Training, 2006     

     Body & Emotions in the Therapeutic Session, Breitenbush, OR, 2010

          Master Synergist, Rob Bauer, at 3-day workshop as assistant

     Working with the Body in Psychotherapy, 2006-2007

          Training Program, Daniel Schiff, PhD

     Biodynamic Cranial Therapy, 2005-present


                Todd Jackson, 2005 - present; 2010, Mentorship


                 Cherionna Menzam-Sills, 2009

                 Mike Boxhall, 2013, 2014

                 Giorgia Milne, 2018

          Cranial Therapy Teaching Assistant

                  Todd Jackson, Cranial I, II & III Workshops, 2013 - 2019, 2021


     International Association of Rubenfeld Synergists

          Annual Conference, 2012, Ashland, OR

               Qualities of a Healing Presence, A case for non-doing

          Annual Conference, 2022, webinar

          Embodied Presence

     International Cranial Teacher Study Group (Interface)

          Interface 2010, Breitenbush, OR

               A Prepatory Meditation for Meeting Clients

          Interface 2012, Breitenbush, OR

               Qualities of a Healing Presence, A case for non-doing

          Interface 2013, Darry, Germany

               Picasso Does Cranial, Art for cranial research?

          Interface 2015, Flathead Lake, MT

               Feeling Our Way Toward Stillness          

          Interface 2016, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada:

               Breath as Movement, Breath as Sound

          Interface 2022, Ratna Ling, Cazadero, CA


     Infant/Maternal Cranial Sacral Therapy Conference

          2012, Portland, OR

               Qualities of a Healing Presence, A case for non-doing

     Northwest Cranial Association

          2014, Annual Retreat, Copalis Beach, WA

               Picasso Does Cranial, Art as Integration of a Cranial Session

          2015, Annual Retreat, Copalis Beach, WA            

               Feeling Our Way Toward Stillness

          2021, Webinar            

               BodyMind Therapy

     Introduction to Biodynamic Touch Workshop

          2018, Portland, OR

     Cranial 1 - Biodynamic Interface Workshop

          2018, 2019, 2022, 2023, Portland, OR              

     BodyMind Therapy Workshop/Retreat

          2022, Rockaway Beach, OR

     Somatic Intuitive Healing, Lead Facilitator

          2022-24, Portland, OR


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