Biodynamic Touch Workshop

A practice of cultivated presence & self-awareness

born from Biodynamic Cranial Therapy

     This course is for anyone who interfaces with other human beings and would like to refine their ability to be present with themselves and others.  This course was born from the practice of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (CST) and imparts elements of the practice however, it is not limited to those who are interested in the practice of CST. This study is beneficial for  healthcare practitioners such as nurses, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, ND’s, MD’s, physical therapist, yoga teachers, psychologists, social workers etc. to apply in their area of expertise. As well as for individuals to apply to their personal life & relationships. The experiential learning brought forth through this course of study is beneficial to life’s relationship with life.

     The class size is intentionally kept small (six students) to ensure that each student present receive ample hands on support while engaged in this study.

     While together we will be exploring tools that support the develop- ment of a grounded and centered self while cultivating embodied self-awareness as we give attention to our inner landscape. We will exercise our ability to form and strengthen a relationship with the innate healing potential as we learn to listen to the wisdom of the body.


Stacy Darby has been engaged in the study and practice of healing touch for 17 years. She became licensed in massage therapy in 2001 and in 2005 became a certified Reiki Master. Stacy has been practicing Biodynamic Massage and Craniosacral therapy since starting her training with Todd Jackson in 2013.

Deborah Merkle, CRS

Deborah Merkle has been engaged in the study and practice of Body/Mind Therapy since 1998. She combines her study of Rubenfeld Synergy, Gestalt Therapy and various other body/mind modalities in her Body/Mind therapy practice in Portland, Oregon. Deborah has been practicing Biodynamic Cranial Therapy since beginning training with Todd Jackson in 2005.

© Deborah Merkle 2019

Course Objectives:

        –– Development of a centered & grounded  state of being

        –– Cultivation of embodied self-awareness

        –– Enhancement of perceptual awareness via the "felt-sense"

             (sensual perception)                                       

        –– Form & strengthen relationship with the innate

             healing potential                                       

        –– Learn to listen to the wisdom of the body

Course Facilitators:

Stacy Darby, LMT, Reiki Master