Biodynamic Cranial Therapy

Biodynamic Cranial One – Biodynamic Interface

27 CEUs  |  Maximum 6 Students

     At the heart of any healing modality lies the ability to remain present; biodynamic cranial therapy teaches us how. Come learn this subtle yet extremely potent way to facilitate deep healing.

     With the Biodynamic approach, we form a relationship to the health already abiding within the client and facilitate it's expression throughout their entire being.  Their cranial system shows us how to be more present, which enables an intelligent healing potency to express itself freely. Presence unites the practitioner to the natural world, enabling the client to access profound healing resources.

     You will learn how to sensitively work with the cranio-sacral system, advance your confidence in subtle palpation skills and experience the profound stillness at the heart of health.  Open to all licensed health-care providers and those enrolled in a health-care training school.

     Class size is intentionally small and assistants are employed to ensure students confidently integrate the approach.

     Ongoing support is available after workshops via Supplements, Treatment Exchanges and Feedback Sessions.

     Please go to Todd’s website at to see additional curriculum offered,

     Deborah Merkle and Stacy Darby are longtime students of

Todd Jackson and the Biodynamic field. They are co-teaching this beginners course as a prerequisite for the intermediate courses

offered by Todd Jackson.

     *For those interested in attending this class who have already attended the Cranial One Biodynamic Interface with Todd, we are offering a 30% discount on tuition for repeating the course.

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